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Where there is a will there is a way

But when the road is bumpy

and full of obstacles, The will fades away

Trade is war...

Lie is the weapon in this fight.


We can have a lot of cars, a lot of money, even owning the whole world.

But every time we find out that, the most precious for us is love and soul .


Money, and wine are the perfect tools to figure out the character of the people .



The Talent is like a fruit.

It needs time to ripen.


A gift from God?


A test from God.



A man becomes a philosopher, when he gets hardest lessons of life.


The Degree is just a piece of paper full of letters

The Experience is a piece of work done.


In many cases it is better to have tons of experience, then tons of degrees.


Wealth is hidden in skillful hands and smart heads.



The understanding of our own mistakes is like a rocket engine that launch us to the peak of success



The fact that someone or something appears to us as weird, strange or mysterious,

Is exactly because we - ourselves are those
who are strange,
Because we are not able to understand it.





Fear of misunderstanding is hiding behind every mask.



In the relationship crisis the couple’s love is put under a test of strength…

in the moment we start to lose something , we find its true value.

Praise from the other person is like sugar, when consumed the Ego gets bigger and fatter.



Criticism is a knife that hurts, but it helps to separate the bad from the good.

The wise will listen and advise.

 The foolish will notify and deceive

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